Chicken, especially the breast meat, is for its nutritional value favourite part of diets of many active top-level athletes and also nutritionists. This white meat is an amazing source of proteins, vitamins and minerals. On top of that, chicken belongs to the low-fat food which is easy-to-digest and offers you almost infinite possibilities of a preparation or serving.

Our offer

    Chicken, chilled

    Package: loose pack, E2 crate, H1 pallet

  • whole chicken with neck 1,7 kg+
  • chicken breast with an inner fillet
  • chicken quarter
  • chicken wing 3-part (tip, mid joint, drumette
  • chicken thigh
  • chicken heart
  • chicken liver
  • Package: vacuum, E2crate or card-box, H1 palette

  • chicken breast, 2 kg
  • chicken breast, 5 kg

    Chicken, frozen

    Package: block, card-box 15 kg

  • chicken breast
  • chicken quarter
  • chicken wing
  • chicken thigh
  • chicken heart

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